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Summer Gallery

This is the new updated gallery with 30 HD versions of our favourite Summer photographs from the last five or six summers.

Summer Clouds

SU0413: Relections on the Galop Canal.

SU3115: From Loyalist Park.

SU2570: Crescent Cloud.

SU5545: Across the River to Waddington.

SU0365: Rainbows in the Clouds.


Summer Sunrise on the River.

SU1336: Pink Morning.

SU0575: Sailing into the Sun.

SU5539: Golden Glow on the Water.

SU5524: Summer Dawn Relections at the Dock.

SU5022: Pond Reflections Before Sunrise.

SU1405: Black on Gold on the St Lawrence Shore.

SU1374: Loyalist Park Summer Sunrise 1.

SU1386: Loyalist Park Summer Sunrise 2.

SU1229: Sailboats at the Morrisburg Dock Before Sunrise.


Summer Boat Docks.

SU8617: Dock on the Long Sault Parkway 1.

SU8614: Dock on the Long Sault Parkway 2.

SU8597: The Forgotten Dock in Morrisburg.


Summer Pastoral Scenes

SU8592: Reeds and Reflections.

SU8587: Late Summer Sun on the St Lawrence Shore.

SU8580: Willows Across the Water.

SU6927: Black Hole Among the Reeds.

SU6016: Red Farm on the River.

SU0474: Mariatown Summer Peek.

SU0465: Loyalist Park Tree Arch View.

SU0464: Waiting for the Next Summer Treats.

SU8627: Reeds Along the Parkway Shore.

SU0443: Boaters Rest on the Galup Can at Iroquois.

SU8639: Galop Canal Cottages, Just West of Cardinal.


Moonlight on the St Lawrence.

SU4732: Summer Moon Reflections.

SU4725: The Moon is Shy.