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Côte Ste Catherine Lock

The Lachine section of the St Lawrence Seaway includes the 33 km South Shore Canal, with the St Lambert and Côte Ste Catherine locks, bypassing the Lachine Rapids.


The 2 locks provide a total lift of 13.7 m to the level of Lake St Louis.

Pictures covering the construction of the Côte Ste Catherine Lock are presented in this section.

SHCSC001: Cote Ste Catherine Lock construction.

The excavation for the Cote Ste Catherine Lock has only just begun in this view looking west. The South Shore Canal will continue for a few more miles before reaching Lake St. Louis.


SHCSC002: Cote Ste Catherine Lock concrete forms.

The concrete structure which will become the Cote Ste Catherine Lock rises from the ground. The whitewater in the upper right area of this image are the Lachine Rapids.


SHCSC003: Cote Ste Catherine Lock south wall construction.

The south lock wall before the backfill takes place in behind it. This area where the roadway runs behind the wall is now a park complete with a soccer pitch.


SHCSC004: Cote Ste Catherine Lock chamber construction.

Looking east over the Cote Ste Catherine Lock chamber. Forms for pouring more concrete are still in place.


SHCSC005: Cote Ste Catherine Lock nears completion.

Looking east from the bascule bridge located next to the upper lock gates. The area around the lock still needs a lot of attention, but the lock is nearly complete.


SHCSC006: Cote Ste Catherine Lock

The Cote Ste Catherine Lock as it appears today, surrounded by beautiful parks and waterways. There is a bypass channel around the lock to allow a constant flow of water into the canal running down to the St. Lambert Lock.

SHCSC007: South shore canal.

The St. Laurent railway bridge and the Mercier Highway Bridge span the South Shore Canal west of the Cote Ste Catherine Lock. The lock can be seen in the distance to the right and well down the canal.