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The stlawrencepiks site presents results from our interests in history and digital photography, with emphasis on the St. Lawrence region and the Morrisburg/South Dundas area where we live.

In 2014, I purchased a DJI Flying Camera ("The St Lawrence Phantom") to provide a new dimension to my digital photography.

I have included photo galleries for each season of the year and for the historic & beautiful buildings around the community. I have also included galleries based on two of our other passions: Flowers & Food. Lately I added a new Wild Life Gallery and a new version of the Boats Gallery - click on Galleries.

These sections of this site present a pictorial presentation of the rich history of the region:

Seaway History

Pre 1958 Maps & Aerials

Morrisburg History



16 August, 2016 - Galop Canal East Entrance Flight.

One of our favourite place to fly from has been the south side of the old Galop Canal near the down river entrance. However, last week my DJI Phantom 3 refused to takeoff from this location because of an "Authorization Zone" error. I discovered that I can get authorization for my drone to fly in this area - but only three days at a time.


15 August, 2016 - New Morrisburg Flowers Gallery.

We have replaced our old Flowers Gallery with a new Morrisburg Flowers Gallery - devoted exclusively to pictures of flowers taken locally. The first entries were taken at the Earl Baker Park Flower Garden and in street garden nearby.


8 August, 2016 - The Netherlands Cargo/Container Ship Beatrix

passes Mariatown on a beautiful summer day - heading downriver. As observerved by the St. Lawrence Phantom.


Click here for pics & video.


8 August, 2016 - The Tanker Algonova
passes Mariatown on a beautiful summer morning - heading upriver. As observerved by the St. Lawrence Phantom.

Click here for pics & video.


31 July, 2016 - Morrisburg Tubie Race

Aerial pics & video - Click Here.


31 July, 2016 - Morrisburg Lions Duck Race

Aerial pics & video - Click Here.


30 July, 2016 - Morrisburg Tubie Parade

Seventy aerial & ground pics from the Parade. Click Here.


24 July, 2016 - Tradewind Adventure passes Mariatown on a beautiful summer evening - heading upriver.

Click here for pics & video.


23 July, 2016 - Morrisburg Renegade Bass Tournament.

35 aerial pics & 2 videos of both the getting ready and takeoff stages.

Click here for pics & video.


17 July, 2016 - Morrisburg Beach on a Summer Sunny Morning

Including 360 degree views & video.

Click here for pics & video.


17 July, 2016 - The New Improved Iroquois Beach - Waiting For Kids

Including aereal pics of the surrounding area.

Click here for pics & video.


1 July, 2016 - Canada Day Golden Gears Car Club Show at the Iroquois Locks

Click here for pics.


23 June, 2016 - The replica Viking ship Draken Harald passes Mariatown.

The largest Viking Ship built in modern times has sailed from Norway to North America this summer. With a length of 114 feet & 27 feet wide, the ship is named after Harald Fairhair, the king who unified Norway into one kingdom. It is heading for stops in Brockville & then Toronto. For more info see their website. Click here for pics & video.


23 June, 2016 - The replica Viking ship GALEON ANDALUCIA passes Mariatown.

The Galeon Andalucia is is a 170 foot, 495 ton, authentic wooden replica of a galleon that was part of Spain’s West Indies fleet. It is heading for Rochester and the Great Lakes. For more info see their website.

Click here for pics & video.


16 June, 2016 - The BLUE MOON Passes Mariatown and the Iroquois Locks.

The Cayman Islands [KY] flagged luxury yacht passes Mariatown (just west of Morrisburg) on a beautiful early morning. This section also includes pictures & video of it entering and leaving the Iroquois Locks. Click here for pics & video.


20 May, 2016 - Sunset Flight Above Morrisburg, Lakeshore Drive.

Click here for pics.



18 May, 2016 - The VIKINGBANK Passes Loyalist Park from the East.

The Netherlands [NL] flagged general cargo vessel passes theLoyalist Park (on Lakeshore Drive- just west of Morrisburg) in it's voyage upriver towards the Iroquois Lock and the Great Lakes beyond.

Click here for pics & video.


18 May, 2016 - The Canadian Cargo Vessel, the Vectis Castle, approaches and enters the Iroquois Locks

As observed by the "St Lawrence Phantom" flying camera. The video includes several 360 views of the Iroquois Locks area - including the east entrance to the old Galop Canal.

Click here for pics & video.


16 May, 2016 - SLP Flyover the West End of the Galop Canal (just west of Cardinal)

Click here for pics & video.


15 May, 2016 - New Historical Images from Morrisburg's History.

There is always lots of interest about how Morrisburg was changed by the St Lawrence Seaway project. We have added some new maps to show the impact of the 1958 flooding and several historical aerial photos of the pre-seaway village.

Click here to see them.


21 April, 2016 - The Adfines Sea Passes Mariatown from the West.

The St Lawrence Phantom observes the passing of the Malta Flag "Adfines Sea" Oil/Chemical Tanker as it heads down river past Mariatown, just west of Morrisburg, Ontario.

Click Here to see the pictures & video.


17 April, 2016 - The CSL Baie St. Paul Passes Mariatown.

The St Lawrence Phantom observes the CSL Baie St Paul passing Mariatown (just west of Morrisburg) on a beautiful calm spring morning.

Click Here see to the pictures & video.


8 Mar, 2016 - First Phantom Flight of 2016.

Not quite Spring yet, but the ice is disappearing quickly now. To see St. Lawrence River shoreline pics in Morrisburg: Click Here.


6 December, 2015 - New York City Visit.

We have added a new Gallery with a selection of pics from our visit to New York City. We were blessed with a beautiful sunny, warm pre-christmas weekend and I took full advantage of it to walk around the city with my camera.

See New York City Visit Gallery.


19 October, 2015 - Fall Colours Near Ault Island.

Fall colours from Highway 2 (Just west of the Ault Island turnoff) - as observed by the St Lawrence Phantom on a cold but sunny fall mornining.

Click here for pics and video.


12 October, 2015 - Thanksgiving Day Flight Over Robertson Road Ponds.

St. Lawrence Phantom flight on a beautiful Thanksgiving Day. Click here for pics and video.


8 October, 2015 - Iroquois Locks Fall Colour.

St. Lawrence Phantom fall flight at the Iroquois Locks. Click here for pics and video.


8 October, 2015 - Mariatown Fall Colour.

St. Lawrence Phantom fall flight at Duncan Park at the west end of Mariatown. Click here for pics and video.


8 October, 2015 - Fall is Here.

Just added the first entry in a planned series with a focus on Fall Colours - as seen by the St Lawrence Phantom. Click here for pics and video.


15 September, 2015 - Prescott Waterfront Park Flyover.

See pics & video here.


15 September, 2015 - Fort Wellington Flyover

See pics & video here.


1 September, 2015 - Exciting End to Flyover

Near disaster when I let the battery power go too low and the Phantom decided to go "Home" automatically (now with no boat under it).

See pics & video here.


1 September, 2015 - Galop Canal Flyover - Part 2

From the Carman Road Causeway, Iroquois to the west end of Iroquois Island.

See pics & video here.


25 August, 2015 - The "PALMERTON" and the "CSL ASSINIBOINE" Cross Paths Just East of the Iroquois Locks.

See pics here.


25 August, 2015 - Galop Canal Flyover

St Lawrence Phantom flyover of the old Galop Canal as it is now - starting at the east end near Iroquois. This is Part 1 of a series that I plan to publish over the next month or so if the weather cooperates.

See pics & video here.



20 July, 2015 - New Perspectives on Prescott Landmarks.

Click here to see pics & video.


18 July, 2015 - The "ADFINES SEA" Enters the Iroquois Locks from the East.

Click here to see pics & video.


16 July, 2015 - Splashpad in Action At Last!

Ready at last! Lots of action in the first couple of days. See pics & video here.


13 July, 2015 - Finishing the Morrisburg Splashpad.

Ready to go soon! Video & pics now here.


8 July, 2015 - Fly Over the Morrisburg Dog Park.

Video & pics from over Morrisburg's beautiful Dog Park. Bring your canine friends along to take a look.


4 July, 2015 - Canada Day Postponed

Video and pics from above Earl Baker Park in Morrisburg.


26 June, 2015 - High Above Iroquois Island

SLP2 flys high over the Gallop Canal area from Iroquois Island.

25 June, 2015 - Kayaking on the St Lawrence River.  
18 June, 2015 - A Suprise Encounter with a Porcupine in our Backyard.  

17 June, 2015 - St Lawrence Phantom 2 Launch.

After crashing my DJI Phantom Vision Plus after a "fly away" in BC, I decided to upgrade to their latest model, the "Phantom 3 Professional" - better camera & improved flying stability.

Click Here to see the results from the first flights on a beautiful sunny morning in Morrisburg.


15 June, 2018 - New Flowers Gallery.

We have replaced the old Flowers Gallery with a new version - "Flower 2015". We will be adding new pictures through the Summer & Fall.


11 June, 2015 - South Dundas Municipal Centre Wall Display.

If you have ever wondered how one of the stlawrencepiks photos would look enlarged and put up on you wall, you can now easily see for yourself.

These two pictures are now up on display at the entrance to the council chambers on the 3rd floor of the South Dundas Municipal Centre in Morrisburg. They are both printed on 36" x 24" gallery wrap canvas.


4 June, 2014 - I crashed the Phantom.

I took the SLP out to Victoria, BC while visiting my son & his family. I wanted to show it off to my granddaughters.

Unfortunately, when I took off it seemed a bit unstable and started to head out to sea. Maybe I over corrected but it just flew fast to the beach, hit a tree, then fell to a concrete seawall.

Busted - I'm not sure how long to repair or replace.


25 May, 2015 - Above the Sandra Lawn Harbour Area.

The St Lawrence Phantom flys over the Prescott Sandra Lawn Harbour Marina and Park - including 360 degree views from above.


24 May, 2015 - Progress on the Prescott Waterfront Project.

The St Lawrence Phantom observes progress on the Prescott Waterfront Project - including 360 degree views from above.


23 May, 2015 - Prescott Waterfront Trail From the Air.

We did a St Lawrence Phantom fly-over the Prescott East waterfront this morning. Views of the Fort Wellington Historic Site, the old ferry wharf and across the St Lawrence River to Ogdensburg, NY are included.


22 May, 2015 - Close Escape at Morrisburg Dock.

The SLP nearly got wet!


22 May, 2015 - St Lawrence Cruise Line's "Canadian Empress".

The St Lawrence Phantom observes the "Canadian Empress" as it departs from the Morrisburg Dock on a breezy day. See the Boats 2015 Gallery.


19 May, 2015 - New Buildings 2015 Gallery.

We started with Now & Then pics & video of the new South Dundas Municipal Centre - including 360 degree views from high above.

More Building 2015 Gallery pics to come!


18 May, 2015 - What is Just Below the Surface?

The St Lawrence Phantom flies over the old Rapide Plat Canal in Morrisburg that was flooded by the St Lawrence River when the St Lawrence Seaway was built in the 1950s.


17 May, 2015 - Just a Reminder.

You can get a high quality print of the pictures displayed on the site by selecting the Purchase menu option above.

AND ... until 31 August, 2015, all proceeds will be donated to the South Dundas Community Playground & Splashpad Project.


17 May, 2015 - Early Morning Reflections at Morrisburg Dock.

A glassy smooth river and some interesting clouds provided nice pics & video for the St Lawrence Phantom early this morning.


14 May, 2015 - "Federal Yoshina" at the Iroquois Locks.

The St Lawrence Phantom observes the "Federal Yoshina" as it approaches The Iroquois Locks from the East. The video includes 360 degree views over the Iroquois Boat Houses, Iroquois Airport, Iroquois Village, Gallop Canal & Marina and the Iroquois Locks & Dam.


8 May, 2015 - "FEDERAL SAKURA" Passage.

The St Lawrence Phantom observes the "Federal Sakura" as it passes Mariatown, South Dundas heading down river on glassy calm waters. A 360 degree view of Mariatown is included from about 300' above the St. Lawrence.


7 May, 2015 - Up High Above Flagg Creek.

Another great May morning - flying high above Flagg Creek between Morrisburg & Iroquois on Lakeshore Drive.

See the St Lawrence Phantom Gallery.


5 May, 2015 - New Boats Pics Added.

The "Sten Bergen" and the "Juno" have been added to the Boats Gallery.


5 May, 2015 - Osprey Update.

New pics of the Ospreys at Iroquois Locks.


5 May, 2015 - St. Lawrence Phantom welcomes the Juno back

Video & pics as the St. Lawrence Phantom welcomes the Juno back as it passes the Loyalist Park going down river.


16 April, 2015 - Morrisburg from Up High

I have added a couple of pics from the St Lawrence Phantom taken on a flight high above Earl Baker Park (about 450 feet) on a sunny spring afternoon. Click here to see the views up river and down river.



15 April, 2015 - Close Encounter at Iroquois.

More pics of the boat traffic near Iroquois - the Orla, Spruceglen & the Sara Desgagnes.

From the air & from the ground.


11 April, 2015 - A Busy Saturday Morning on the St Lawrence River.

Four boats & two Ospreys.

See the Boats & the Wildlife Galleries.



8 April, 2015 - "Spruceglen" on Collision Course with some Noisy Neighbours.


5 April, 2015 - Easter Sunday at Iroquois

The Canadian bulk carrier "CWB Marquis" approaches Iroquois on 5 April, 2015 - after its short unplanned stay near Beauharnois, Quebec (Part of the new improved Boats 2015 Gallery).


3 April, 2015 - First Salty of 2015

I have been anxious to see the first St. Lawrence Seaway boats of the year .... AND to take out the St. Lawrence Phantom for its first flight of 2015.

Did both today! The start of a great new year?


16 March, 2015 - New Wild Life Gallery

I finally replaced my camera that was stolen in Barcelona in October, 2014. After much deliberation & research I bought a Nikon D5300.This pic was taken at the Bird Sanctuary with my new 18 - 300mm telescopic lens.With this new lens, I can start my long planned Wild Life Gallery. Only two pics so far but more coming.


13 December - First Flight Over Snow

I decided to try taking the St Lawrence Phantom out for a new experience this afternoon - a first flight in the cold over the "white stuff". The video & pics turned out quite well. See the Phantom Gallery.


11 November - St Lawrence Phantom flight over the Long Sault Parkway (East).

Views from the St Lawrence Phantom flying over the East end of Macdonell Island on a beautiful late fall morning. With views across the river to the Long Sault Dam and the entrance to the Eisenhower Lock.


May 2014 - St Lawrence Phantom Near Thing - in slow motion.

In the early days with my new DJI Phantom Vision Plus, I had a very near thing in the park. I noticed that I was getting close to a tree and tried to adjust. Only I made my control change in completely the opposite direction required. This is the result.


8 September, 2014

Bird's Eye View from over Iroquois Locks (West End) - with views up river & down river and along the old Galop Canal. The video includes some unusual views down onto the locks.


8 September, 2014

A beautiful fall afternoon watching a seaway laker approaching Cardinal from up stream.


24 August, 2014

Flight of the St Lawrence Phantom over Stata's Bay (Stuart's Creek to some) - with views up river & down river.


23 August, 2014

In reviewing my videos of the St Lawrence Phantom on YouTube, I came across this very striking video: "St Lawrence Seaway Dawn Till Dusk" by Brian Weber. It shows a very compressed view from the deck of a Seaway Laker sailing down river on the St. Lawrence Seaway - from Thousand Islands to Montreal - from dawn to dusk - in less than two minutes.


19 August, 2014

Phantom flights from the Loyalist Park, just west of Morrisburg on Lakeshore Drive - with beautiful views of the St Lawrence River, the Farlinger Dairy Farm & the surrounding farm land.


18 August, 2014

Phantom flight above the Earl Baker Park Flower Garden in full bloom.


12 August, 2014

More Phantom flights: Crysler's Farm, Morrisburg Dock and Boating Fun on the St. Lawrence River.

Click Here.


7 August, 2014

Flight of the St Lawrence Phantom watching the Laker "KAMINISTIQUA" approach the Iroquois Locks from downstream.

To see pics & video Click Here.



4 August, 2014

Great Morrisburg Tubies Weekend!

See some of the pics & videos from the St Lawrence Phantom here.


30 July, 2014

Good day for flying today - first from the west end of Mariatown & then from Iroquois (west of the Golf Club).

See the St. Lawrence Phantom Gallery.


29 July, 2014

I got my replacement DJI Phantom Vision Plus - thanks Mark Dorlandt of Henry's for your help!

I am very pleased with the first results from Earl Baker Park in Morrisburg (and no "Flyaways").

See the St. Lawrence Phantom Gallery.


15 July, 2014

Adding a New Dimension...... Soon?

Last month, I acquired a new, exciting tool in my photographic capabilities - a DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus Quadcopter Drone from Henry's.

You can see from some examples from my first flights in the backyard that the results are very impressive and I was very excited about using in along the St Lawrence shores to get some great new pictures and videos from a completely new perspective.

Unfortunately, it didn't always work as advertised and I experienced four "Flyways" and crashes. (You can see from this link that I am not alone.)

My last crash broke the camera gimble and it won't fly anymore!

I returned it to Henry's on June 8th, more than a month ago. I still haven't heard when to expect it back or how much it will cost!

I am now getting very anxious.

I will keep you posted.


15 July, 2014

We have just released a new version of our Food Gallery. Enjoy ...... I know we did!


March 12, 2014

New Winter Gallery

We have just released a new version of our Winter Gallery with thirty two Winter photographs from around the area. Click on the picture to see them.


March 9, 2014

New Fall Gallery

We have just released a new version of our Fall Gallery with twenty eight Fall photographs from around the area. Click on the picture to see them.


March 4, 2014

Morrisburg Map from 1917

Ron Beaupre came across a book of insurance maps of the village from nearly a hundred years ago. It was provided by David Hill from the Hill Insurance Office. Using Adobe Photoshop, I was able to create a detailed map which you can see by clicking on the map on the right. Our thanks to David Hill for his permision to present it here.

Press Ctrl + to get an enlarged view.


August 22, 2013

New Spring Gallery

We have just released a completely new version of our Spring Gallery with thirty spring time photographs from around the area. Click on the picture to see them.


August 16, 2013

New Summer Gallery

We have just released a completely new version of our Summer Gallery with thirty two summer time photographs from around the area. Click on the picture to see them.



July 25, 2013

The Iroquois Section is now complete!

This is the last part of the Seaway Construction Section. We will be adding new images and updating as we come across new material - so please stay tuned.


July 2013

Seaway Construction - Iroquois Section

We have just started working on the Iroquois Section. We have added 18 maps and images so far. You can see how the construction progressed from 1955 onwards.

Click Here.


June 2013

Canada Day is coming up. If you would like a 36' by 18' flag on your front lawn here is how to easily lay it out. (You can scale it up or down to suit the size you want.)

See our efforts on the North West side of the Cruickshank Ampitheatre in Morrisburg.

For detailed instructions Click Here.


May 2013

We are continuing to add new pictures and information in the Seaway Construction section.

This is still a work in progress (Cornwall-Massena under development right now). We have just added information about the construction of the Snell Lock on the US side of the Seaway.


March 2013

Take a look at the new Seaway Construction section in Seaway History. This section includes maps, pictures and narrative about the massive construction project to create the St. Lawrence Seaway as it exists today (1954 to 1958).

It includes separate sections for the St. Lambert & Cote Ste Catherine Locks, the Beauharnois Locks, the Cornwall-Massena Locks & Dams and the Iroquois Lock & Dam.


November 2012

Plan to attend the Upper Canada Playhouse Christmas Auction on Saturday November 17th at the Morrisburg Meeting Centre.

Three limited edition framed prints from stlawrencepiks.com will be included in the great selection of auction items.


October 2012

We have released a completely new Flowers Gallery containing all our best flower pictures from 2012 - including trips to Barbados and British Columbia. We have also included summer pictures from gardens around Morrisburg.


July 2012

We have released a completely redesigned version of the Morrisburg History Section of the site. It includes four new subsections:

A Virtual Walk down Main Street;
The Waterfront as it was;
Historic Occasions;
Recreation & Education.

We have also added quite a few new pictures - including Lock 23 Flood Day.


June 2012

We have just released a major new section to the stlawrencepiks.com website.

The new Seaway History section presents a Pictorial History of the St. Lawrence River from Montreal to Lake Ontario, from the first efforts to improve river navigation to the present.

The current version has focussed on the period before the construction of the current St. Lawrence Seaway system in the 1950s and includes more than two hundred photographs with descriptions.


May 2012

You can now go to the McIntosh Country Inn on Highway 2 in Morrisburg to see a good collection of stlawrencepiks.com pictures printed in large format on fine art paper (up to 30" x 24"). They are mostly from the Morrisburg History Gallery and are located in the lobby and the dining room.


October 2011

I have used a dawn photograph from Loyalist Park (just west of Mariatown on Lakeshore Drive) as the cover picture for my novel "Earth's New Beginning".

My book has been released as an ebook and as paperback.

The paperback is available from Amazon.com .... Amazon.ca .... Amazon.uk .... Barnes & Noble .... Books a Million and the eBook from
Amazon (Kindle)
.... Barnes and Noble (Nook) .... Kobo (Borders) .... ReaderStore (Sony eReader) .... Diesel-ebooks .... Apple iBooks Ap (iPad, iPhone).