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Flights of the St. Lawrence Phantom in 2017

Here are videos and pics from flights of "The St. Lawrence Phantom" in 2017.

3 April, 2017 - Observing the Bulk Carrier Algoma EQUINOX .

Flight from the Lakeshore Drive Loyalist Park just west of Morrisburg.

Video of the Flight (2:43).

SC17040334: Approaching from the South West.

SC17040338: Passing Close.

SC17040342: From the St Lawrence Phantom, Passing Ogden Island.


SC17040345: Heading Downriver North East Towards Mariatown & Morrisburg.

SC17040347: Looking North East Along the Lakeshore Drive.

SC17040348: Looking West.

SC17040349: Upriver Towards the Iroquois Locks.

SC17040351: The Algoma EQUINOX Heads Downriver Towards Mariatown.