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Flights of the St. Lawrence Phantom in 2017

Here are the pics & video from flights of "The St. Lawrence Phantom" in 2017.

1 July, 2017 - HAPPY CANADA DAY!

Pics & flight videos from flights of the St Lawrence Phantom over Earl Baker Park, Morrisburg, Ontario on a nice sunny early morning. Featuring: the gardens, the playground and the slashpad.

SC17062801: The old paddling pool with a new paint job.

SC17062806: The gardens are looking good. 




SC17062813: The big kids playground - with fresh wood chips.

SC17062815: The splashpad

SC17062818: Too early for kids

SC17062826: View to the north west

SC17062827: View to the west and St Lawrence upriver

SC17062828: View south west across the St Lawrence River to Waddington, NY

SC17062829: View south - incl. the Morrisburg Beach, Cruickshank Amphitheatre and waterfront path.

SC17062830: View east to the Morrisburg Dog Park and Morrisburg Golf Club.

SC17062831: View north

SC17062836: Full overhead view of the gardens.

Video of both Flights (3:39).