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First Flight of the St. Lawrence Maverick (Replacing the St Lawrence Phantom)

These pics are from my new Flying Camera - a DJI Mavic Pro. It is so much smaller than the DJI Phantom 3 and it fits nicely into my camera bag.

When it is unfolded and ready to fly it looks like this and has all the capabilities of the DJI Phantom 3 Professional it is replacing (and more). I have christened it the "St Lawrence Maverick" (SLM).

High quality prints available - see Purchase.

20  July, 2017 First Flight - Above The Morrisburg Riverfront Path.

SC17072008: The Looking North West


SC17072009: Looking West


SC17072010: Looking South West


SC17072013: Looking South


SC17072014: Looking East


SC17072016: Looking North East


SC17072017: Looking North


SC17072024: Earl Baker Park - Gardens, Playground & Splashpad


SLM0006: From Above, Looking Down