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Boats of the St Lawrence River in 2020

CSL BAIE ST PAUL and JULIAN pass each other in front of Mariatown on 10 November, 2020

CSL BAIE ST PAUL approaches from the west, heading downriver towards Mariatown.

JULIAN approaches from the east (passing Morrisburg) heading upriver towards Mariatown.

BAIE ST PAUL passing Loyalist Park (just west of Mariatown)

360 Views around Mariatown

JULIAN passing Canada Island

BAIE ST PAUL takes a sharp turn to starboard to pass Mariatown

Flight Video of the turn


JULIAN getting close to Mariatown

BAIE ST PAUL close to Mariatown Narrows

About to pass each other right in front of us

Flight Video of their passing each other

Another 360 View