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Flights of the St. Lawrence Phantom in 2017

Here are videos and pics from flights of "The St. Lawrence Phantom" in 2017.

March 19, 2017 - Getting the St Lawrence Phantom Ready after the Winter.

Test Flight from 25 Lakeshore Drive Water Front.

A Short Video of the Flight.

SC17031905: Looking SW Upriver.

SC17031907: Looking NE Towards Lakeshore United Church and Downriver.

SC17031911: Along Lakeshore Drive Looking West.

SC17031913: Looking Across the St. Lawrence River to New York State.

Test Flight from Morrisburg Beach.

A Short Flight Video.

Sorry for the horizon tilt. This is an ongoing issue with my DJI Phantom 3 Professional that I am trying to find a permanent fix for - any help appreciated! I can fix the pics but not the video.

SC17031923: Looking Upriver.

SC17031924: Looking West to Morrisburg Village.

SC17031925: Looking North Across the Dog Park.

SC17031926: Looking East Across Morrisburg Golf Club.

SC17031927: Looking South Towards Murphy Islands & New York State.

Sunset Test Flight from Lakeshore Drive in Morrisburg.

A Short Flight Video.

SC17031932:  Looking SW Over Canada Island on a Glassy Smooth St Lawrence River.

SC17031933: Looking West Along Lakeshore Drive Towards the Setting Sun.

SC17031934: Looking North Along St Lawrence Street.

SC17031938: Looking Downriver.

SC17031940: Looking North East Over Morrisburg East.

SC17031944: Looking Across the River to Waddington in New York State.