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Spring Gallery

This is the new updated gallery of our Spring photographs.

Early Spring Pics from the St Lawrence Phantom Flying Camera

SP3093: Ice on the St Lawrence Shore is Fast Disappearing.

SP3091: Looking Up River (South West).

SP3092: Looking South.

SP90309: Sunset From High Above Morrisburg.

Early Spring from Ground Level.

SP2898: From Mariatown Looking Upriver.

SP2903: From Mariatown Looking Downriver.

SP2912: Battle of the Windmill National Historic Site.

SP2920: Old Galop Canal Just West of Cardinal.

SP2928: On the Old Galop Canal Near Iroquois.

SP7170: Calm Early Spring Day on the St. Lawrence Shore.

Spring Dawn on the St. Lawrence River

SP8772: Morrisburg Dock Before Dawn.

SP8687: First Boat of the Year. 

SP8790: Dawn at the Dock.

SP2884: Purple Dawn.

SP3102: Before Sunrise.

SP3112: The Sun Appears.

SP2951: Sunrise at Loyalist Park.

SP00301: A Glorious Spring Sunrise from High Above the Morrisburg Dock.

Morrisburg Waterfront from the River on a Calm Spring Morning.

SP4360: Morrisburg Waterfront from the River.

SP4367: Lakeshore United Church.

SP4460: Mariatown Reflections.

SP4632: The Old Galop Canal Near Iroquois.

SP4471: Farm from the River.

Around the Water in Spring

SP4643: Iroquois Golf Course.

SP4596: Mariatown Shore.

SP4624: From Cardinal East Point.

SP4655: Mariatown at Sunset.

SP4193: Stata's Bay in Spring.

SP7872: The New Morrisburg Dock.

SP7881: Morrisburg Waterfront Walk.