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Winter Gallery

This is the new updated gallery of our Winter photographs.

Early March Winter Pics - Quite a Contrast!

WI030314: 3 March 2014.

WI280217: 28 February, 2017 

WI5865: 3 March, 2017 - Gathering of the Geese (1)

 WI5864: 3 March, 2017 - Gathering of the Geese (2)

 WI5863: 3 March, 2017 - Gathering of the Geese (3)

 WI5862: 3 March, 2017 - Gathering of the Geese (4)

And the video:

Miscellaneous Winter Pics

WI121532: Bleak November View Over Canada Island. 

  WI5986: Mount Lakeshore.

Not really a winter pic even though it looks like one (more like late fall). However, it was created in preparation for Winter.

WI5820: Winter Dawn on the St Lawrence River.

WI5783: Snowman & His Dog(s).

WI3593: A Calm Winter Day on the St. Lawrence.

WI0321: A Gaggle of Canada Geese Who Elected to Not Take a Winter Break.

WI0124: Hogs Back Falls in Winter.

WI0012: Winter Snow Storm on the Long Sault Parkway.

Winter Sunrise Pics

WI2613: Last Boat of the Year.

WI2626: Coast Guard Negotiating the River Mist at Sunrise.

WI3478: Winter Mist at Morrisburg Dock.

WI2550: Relections on a Cold St. Lawrence River.

WI4212: Pink Mist.

WI4225: Winterized Boat Launch Ramp.

WI4228: Morrisburg Dock in the Grip of Winter.

WI9790: The Galop Canal in Mid Winter.

WI0319: Ready for a Cold Walk to Waddington?


St. Lawrence Shore in Winter

WI2567: Morrisburg Dock.

WI2575: Flagg Creek as it Meets the St. Lawrence.

WI2578: Flagg Creek Point.

WI7082: Icycles by the Shore.

WI7091: Trunk on the Shore.

WI7092: In Context.

WI7105: From the East End of Loyalist Park, Looking Downriver.

WI7107: Closeup on the Seaway Beacon.

SWI7109: Boat Ramp Trouble with Ice.

WI7118: After the Snow Strorm.

WI7129: Up Close.

WI7137: Misplaced Boat.

WI7141: Ice Gap Showing.

WI7156: No Leaves in Sight.

WI7170: Winter Mirror.

WI7170: Winter Windmill Light.

WI9455: Little Critter Tracks.

WI9455: Lakeshore Salt Dock.

WI9809: Looking Toward Mariatown.

WI9810: Waiting for Spring.

WI9810: Looking Upriver from Mariatown.

WI9815: Stata Bay Ice Rink.

WI1138: Lakeshore United from the River.

WI1140: Upriver View Along the Morrisburg Shore.