St Lawrence Piks - Winter 2018 and 2019 

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Winter 2019

January 22, 2019

Winter 2019 came a bit late - we had mostly open water on the river upto this last weekend. Then it came with avengence! Lots of snow & temperatures below -20C (not incl. the wind chill). As a result we do not have much open water left and the ice is spectacular in many places. See 28 HD pics below from the Morrisburg area.

Winter 2018

These photographs were taken over a three day period from 26 February to 28 February 2018. They demonstrate how quickly things can change on our favourite river.

February 26

February 27

February 28

And now .... February 28 from the air in the "St Lawrence Piks Maverick" Flying Camera. 

And the old Williamsburg Canal Walls are still there under the water.