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Background Information

These galleries of photographs from around the old town of Morrisburg (with the exception of the aerial photos) were all taken by the Reverend George H. Smith in the 1950s in the period before it was flooded by the St. Lawrence Seaway construction completed in 1958. They are presented with the generous permission of his daughter, Claire Delage, the current owner of all copyrights.


We are continuing to add information to Titles and Descriptions for each of the pictures. We would appreciate any information and stories associated with the pictures that anyone can provide.

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Map of the Old Town overlaid on current satellite image.


Reverend George H. Smith.

See Many of the Reverend George H. Smith's Pictures By Exploring These Galleries Of The Old Morrisburg.

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A Virtual Walk Down Main Street


The Waterfront As It Was


Historic Occasions


Recreation & Education


What The Old Town Looks Like Today

View of Lock 23 beneath the St Lawrence River from about 100 meters above.
See Morrisburg, Then & Now - Lock 23 Under the St Lawrence River for more pics like this.

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Charmed In Morrisburg from Chantelle Bennett Blanchard on Vimeo.