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The Renewed Cruickshank (House Movers) Mural is now back - September 2020!

In early November 2019, a major wind-storm blew down several of the panels of the Cruickshank Mural located on the South facing wall of Morrisburg Public School on Second Street. On careful examination by Municipal Staff it was determined that most of the panels (blown off and remaining) were sufficiently weather damaged that they all had to be removed for safety considerations. This mural was created and installed about fifteen years ago (Artist: David Yeatman, Aylmer). “This mural represents the 500th house moved during Seaway construction. Owned by Dr. Shannette it was moved from the bottom of Ottawa St. to 5 Fifth St. East. using the huge house mover operated by a Hartshorne employee, Bob Parks. The grader is a replica of the first piece of equipment purchased by the operator Les Cruickshank for Cruickshank Construction Ltd. The survey crew and flag men are represented by family members, Steve, Lynn & Laurie. “

Click Here to see the proposal we made to the South Dundas Municipality to replace the mural. Fortunately they quickly accepted and the project was put into action. the renewed mural was reinstalled on the south facing wall of the Morrisburg Public School in late August 2020. A big thank you to the Council and everyone else involved! Take a look - what do you think?

I have included pictures from the ground (with my Nikon SLR) and from the air with my DJI Mavic 2 Zoom flying camera (including 360 views of Morrisburg from above the mural).

360 View from Above

The real hero of this pic - Les Cruickshank - We will remember!