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Watching Ships Then

This is what ship watching was like before the Seaway.

Watching Ships Now

If you are standing in front of the "Morrisburg Then & Now Sign", looking out over the river and thinking about the busy downtown area now under the water you could well be distracted by seeing one or more of the large cargo vessels passing. They are indeed a magnificent sight.

You may not be so lucky but you will probably ask "when is the next ship coming?". There are several ways to get answers to this question.


To see all the vessels currently in the St Lawrence Seaway - CLICK HERE

The locations of local interest are as follows (from East to West):

  1. IKEU Eienhower Locks Upper - Up River (Near Cornwall Ontario)
  2. C10/11 Control Point 10/11 (just West of Upper Canada Village
  3. C12 Control Point 12 (just West of Flagg Creek)
  4. IROL Iroquois Locks Lower - Down River

To see the ships currently in the Morrisburg area (between Cornwall & Iroquois) - CLICK HERE

To see the ships forecast to go through the Iroquois (and other) Locks - CLICK HERE

Select the Lock you want to see and you will get a list of anticipated arrivals, with estimated arrival time. The Green Arrows indicate a down river bound vessel and the Red Arrows indicate upbound vessels.

From this you can estimate the time each vessel will pass Morrisburg as follows:

Downbound Vessels from Iroquois Locks - from 50 to 70 mins after Iroquois Lock Time.
Upbound Vessels to Iroquois Locks - from 50 to 60 mins before Iroquois Lock Time

Testing the Forecast Method

CSL Whitefish Bay Passes in front of the Morrisburg Then & Now Sign on July 5th at 2:40pm

At the time, the Estimated Arrival Time at Iroquois Locks was 3:33 pm - 53 minutes after passing Morrisburg.

We have been timing ships passing over the last few days and the results were as follows:
Upbound: 7 ships, from 49 to 65 minutes, average 55 minutes
Downboand: 4 ships, from 55 to 80 minutes, average 71 minutes

More Pics from this St Lawrence Maveric Flying Camera Flight

Arriving from down river.

Departing to the west towards the Iroquois Locks

From above the Then & Now Sign

From above the river (location of Lock 23) - looking north west
Morrisburg Dock on the left, new baseball diamond middle right and the Sign is lower right.

Closer to the Sign