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South Dundas Murals of Old Morrisburg

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South Dundas Murals: #15. Churches of South Dundas Mural - Riverside Height

Artist: Mike Kelly, Iroquois

This mural depicts local churches, past and present. The Holy Trinity Anglican Church and St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church were originally located about a kilometre south of this mural. The Lutheran Church was the first Protestant Church in Upper Canada, established by the United Empire Loyalists, and erected in 1789-1790. During Seaway Construction the Lutheran Church was demolished and replaced with a modern building. The Anglican Church was dismantled stones and timbers numbered, and the Church replicated in exact detail. Both relocated churches now stand one kilometre east of the mural.

South Dundas Murals: #1. Morrisburg Dairy Mural - Pinkus Plaza, Morrisburg        

Artists: Ross & Anne Gervais, Hallville ON    

The Morrisburg Dairy, owned by the Presleys, was famous for many-flavoured home-made ice-cream. An important part of life in South Dundas in the 1950’s & 60’s, the dairy was a meeting place for friends and a source of a favourite cone - two scoops for a nickel.

South Dundas Murals: #2. Old Morrisburg From the River - ValuMart Store (Removed in 2014 due to weather damage).

Artist: Cathy Cooper - Scrivener    

Morrisburg owes its beginning to the construction of the Williamsburg-Rapide du Plat Canal in the 1850’s & early 1860’s. The mural depicts the shoreline, park, canal, and the town a hundred years later in the early 1950’s, showing the ill-fated Milverion, the Rapids Prince, the Morrisburg-Waddington ferry, and the tug Bartlett, in the foreground.  

South Dundas Murals: #3. Old Main St., Morrisburg - Upper Canada Playhouse

Artist: Mike Kelly, Iroquois  

This scene of the south side of Morrisburg’s Old Main St. (Kings Highway #2) in 1910 illustrates the commercial shops, and services, including the famous Music Hall. All of this was lost to the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway. To the east of this mural the opposite side of the same section of Main St. is illustrated, as it appeared at a later time period

South Dundas Murals: #4. Old Morrisburg Mural - Giant Tiger Store (West Wall)

Artist: Mike Kelly, Iroquois  

The North side of Morrisburg’s old Main St. about 1940 features local business activities and transportation by both horse-drawn and powered vehicles. Weekly dances at Casselman’s Hall were an important part of local social activity before Seaway Construction.

South Dundas Murals: #5. Troop Train Mural - Giant Tiger Store (East Wall)

Artist: David Yeatman, Aylmer  

Jubilant and relieved family members and friends greeted soldiers returning home after the Second World War. Over 250 citizens for the area served in World War II. The Morrisburg train station stood at this site until 1958, when it was demolished and relocated to the new railway line one mile north.

South Dundas Murals: #6. House Mover Mural, Morrisburg Public School (South Wall)

Artist: David Yeatman, Aylmer  

This mural represents the 500th house moved during Seaway construction. Owned by Dr. Shannette it was moved from the bottom of Ottawa St. to 5 Fifth St. East. using the huge house mover operated by a Hartshorne employee, Bob Parks. The grader is a replica of the first piece of equipment purchased by the operator Les Cruickshank for Cruickshank Construction Ltd. The survey crew and flag men are represented by family members, Steve, Lynn & Laurie.