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Flights of the St. Lawrence Phantom

Here are videos and pics from the latest flights of "The St. Lawrence Phantom".


28 August, 2016 - Golden Gears Classic Car Show at Iroquois Locks.





Golden Gears Classic Cars Show Flight Video

15 August, 2016 - Galop Canal East Entrance.

One of our favourite place to fly from has been the south side of the old Galop Canal near the down river entrance. However, last week my DJI Phantom 3 Professional refused to takeoff from this location because of an "Authorization Zone" error. After some Internet research, I was able to find this map - with Iroquois now designated as an "Authorization Zone" (the orange circle around the air strip). I discovered that I can get authorization for my drone to fly in this area - but only three days at a time.

These pictures & video are the result of trying it out.

From About 100 Feet




From About 200 Feet




From About 300 Feet.



From About 400 Feet



Flight Video (About 6 Minutes - incl. several 360 views from different heights)

17 July, 2016 - Morrisburg Beach on a Summer Early Morning

SLP85451: Morrisburg Beach from the South East.

SLP85401: From the East

SLP85636: From Above.

SLP85937: From the South.

SLP90110: Looking East Towards the Morrisburg Golf Course.

SLP85602: Looking North Over the Cruickshank Amphitheatre

Morrisburg Beach Flight Video

17 July, 2016 - The New Improved Iroquois Beach - Waiting For Kids

SLP84823: The New Iroquois Beach

SLP84315: From the West

SLP83815: Watching the Boats Enter Iroquois Lock

SLP83838: North View to the Airport & Iroquois Village

SLP84003: East End of the Beach

Iroquois Beach Flight Video


20 May, 2016 - Sunset Flight Above Morrisburg, Lakeshore Drive.

SLP90309: Sunset Over Morrisburg.

SLP90252: Looking Up River.

SLP93512: Looking Down River.

SLP90208: From Directly Above.

12 May, 2016 - Flyover West End of the Galop Canal, just West of Cardinal

Google Maps Image of Takeoff Point, Just West of Cardinal

SLP30801: Looking East Down the St Lawrence River Towards Cardinal.

SLP31741: View of the Galop Canal from a Lower Altitude.

SLP30925: Looking South West Up River Towards Prescott.

Galop Canal Flight Video



15 September, 2015 - Prescott Waterfront Park Flyover.

PH115700: From the South West.

PH115729: Including the Harbour.

PH120044: From the South.

PH122910: From the Harbour Entrance.

PH122948: From Mid-Harbour, Looking West.

PH123017: From the East End.

PH123134: Looking East.

To see the video Click Here.

15 September, 2015 - Fort Wellington, Prescott

PH113536: From the South.

PH113714 : From Above.

PH114024 : From the North.

PH114125 : From the West.

PH14628: From the East.

To see the video Click Here.

1 September, 2015 - A Tense Ending to the Flyover.

An exciting end to the St Lawrence Phantom Galop Canal Flyover (Part 2).

Near disaster when I let the battery power go too low and the Phantom decided to go "Home" automatically (now with no boat under it).


Here are some pics:

PH8451: Where the Phantom Decides to go Home - Heading East.

PH1293: Almost Halfway Back to Carman Rd When I Got Control Back.

PH1331: Jord is Ready For a Safe Landing Catch.


1 September, 2015 - Galop Canal Flyover Part 2

Part 2 of the St Lawrence Phantom flyover of the old Galop Canal as it is today - from the Carman Road Causeway, Iroquois to the west end of Iroquois Island.


Here are some pics from today's flight:

PH1001: Starting from the Carman Road Causeway - Heading West.

PH1000: Flying Over the Lauch Boat.

PH1075: From High Up - Looking West.

PH1080: Looking North Over Iroquois Marine Services.

PH1081: Looking East Back to Carman Road & Iroquois.

PH1082: Looking South to the Iroquois Locks.

PH1091: Moving Further West.

PH1215: Further Up Stream.

PH1240: Looking South to the West End of the Locks.

PH1242: Looking West.

PH1275: At the End of Today's Flyover.


25 August, 2015 - Galop Canal Flyover

St Lawrence Phantom flyover of the old Galop Canal as it is today - starting at the east end near Iroquois. This is Part 1 of a series that I plan to publish over the next month or so if the weather cooperates.


For more information about the history of the Galop Canal and historical pictures, Click Here.

Here are some pics from today's flight:


PH5513: At the East Entrance.

PH4220: Heading West.

PH4375: At the Carman Road Causeway.

PH4454: Looking Back to where we came from.



16 July, 2015 - Splashpad in Action.


How To Get There.

PH3262: Lots of Action.

PH3301: From Directly Above.

PH1677: Big Kids Pad.

PH7164: What a Nice Setting?


13 July, 2015 - Finishing the Morrisburg Splashpad.

PH2185: Morrisburg Splashpad Finishing - Laying the Grass Sod.

PH2230: From Above - with the Children's Playgrounds.

PH2212: From the South Edge.

8 July, 2015 - Fly Over the Morrisburg Dog Park.

To see the video Click Here.

PH8079: Morrisburg Dog Park - Looking South Across the St Lawrence.

PH2393: Morrisburg Dog Park - From Above.

PH1042: Morrisburg Dog Park from the East.


4 July, 2015 - Postponed Canada Day Celebrations
- in Morrisburg Earl Baker Park

To see the video Click Here.

PH0004: Canada Day - Looking West.

PH0002: Canada Day - Looking North.


26 June, 2015 - High Above Iroquois Island

SLP2 flys high over the Gallop Canal area from Iroquois Island.

To see the video Click Here. It is just less than ten minutes but includes some great views of the island, Gallop Canal, the Iroquois Locks, Iroquois Marina and it includes several 360 degree views.

PH0006: Looking West with the Iroquois Marina on the right.

PH0007: Looking South Over the Iroquois Locks.

PH0008: Looking East Down the St Lawrence River.

PH0009: Looking East with the Village of Iroquois on the Left.


25 June, 2015 - Kayaking on the St. Lawrence River.

A beautiful sunny morning kayaking on the St Lawrence River in Morrisburg. We really do "have everything."

To see the video Click Here.

PH8533: Looking Down River to the Beach & the Golf Course.

PH9002: Kayakers Spotted.

PH9030: Kayakers Below.

PH9091: Heading Past the Morrisburg Dock.


17 June, 2015 - First Flights of the St Lawrence Phantom 2

The new St Lawrence Phantom 2 takes its first flights over Morrisburg on a beautiful sunny morning.

To see the video: CLICK Here. Inludes views of the St. Lawrence Seaway Bulk Carrier, "ALGOMA EQUINOX" going up river past Morrisburg.

The first flight was from the Cruickshank Amphitheare near the beach in Morrisburg.

PH8353: Along the River Shore Path Looking South West.

PH8373: Looking Down River to the Beach & the Golf Course.


The 2nd flight was from 25 Lakeshore Drive in Morrisburg.

PH9252: Watching the ALGOMA EQUINOX Pass behind Canada Island.

PH9280: Looking Up River Towards Mariatown.

PH9333: Looking North to Five Churches.

PH9364: Looking West from 400 ft.

PH9383: Looking Down River to Lakeshore United & the Morrisburg Dock.