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Save Our South Dundas Riverside Parks

We returned from vacation last week and were catching up with the local news in the Morrisburg Leader when this headline leapt out at us. I was very concerned because the Duncan Park in Mariatown and the Loyalist Park a bit further west on Lakeshore Drive are two of my most favourite places to take my camera & my flying camera (the St Lawrence Phantom drone) to capture content for the www.stlawrencepiks.com website. I have included the Google Earth Satellite Image of the area including pointers to where the parks are located.

The key thing that is unique about these parks is that they are (as far as I know) the only public access parks along the St Lawrence River from Lake Ontario to the Quebec border where you can watch the St Lawrence Seaway big ships pass by you not more than about a hundred metres off shore. They provide magnificent photo taking opportunities and they are a great place to take your children & grandchildren and other visitors if you want to impress them.

I have included a selection of the pics I have taken from these locations over the past ten years since I moved to Morrisburg. I have also included a couple of videos of ships passing. Many are included on the stlawrencepiks website.

If you share my concern about loosing or restricting access to these parks I would encourage you to share your concerns with the South Dundas Council to help them in their decision making. To see an easy way to do this, PLEASE CLICK HERE.