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A Virtual Tour of the South Dundas Murals

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. These were the thoughts that prompted a group of citizens of South Dundas to create a pictorial history of South Dundas. They decided to erect a series of murals to illustrate scenes that existed in here prior to the St. Lawrence Seaway Construction.
These are the Murals (locations are shown on the maps below):
Click on the Mural that you want to view.

You will also see a photograph of what each mural looks like today after five or more years of South Dundas weather. Generally, it seems that the ones that have survived have done pretty well. The major changes are probably mostly due to a bit of fading and different lighting conditions.

  1. Morrisburg Dairy Mural - Pinkus Plaza, Morrisburg
  2. Old Morrisburg - ValuMart Store (removed in 2014 due to weather damage)
  3. Old Main St., Morrisburg - Upper Canada Playhouse
  4. Old Morrisburg Mural - Giant Tiger Store (West Wall)
  5. Troop Train Mural - Giant Tiger Store (East Wall)
  6. House Mover Mural, Morrisburg Public School (South Wall) - (Removed in 2019 due to weather damage - to be replaced in Fall 2020)
  7. Memorial Mural - Iroquois Legion
  8. Caldwell Mural - Iroquois Campground (removed in 2016 due to weather damage?)
  9. Iroquois Point-Old Iroquois Mural (removed in 2011 due to wind damage)
  10. Brinston Immigration Mural
  11. McIntosh Apple Mural - Dundela Community Centre
  12. Dr. Locke Mural - Williamsburg
  13. Health Spa Mural - Winchester Springs
  14. History of Agricultural Mural - Williamsburg IOOF Hall
  15. Churches of South Dundas Mural - Riverside Heights - (Refreshed 2020)