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South Dundas Historic Murals Review September 2020

To see the full story about the murals and where they are located please click on the map below:

The renewed “House Movers (Cruickshank)” mural was recently reinstalled on the south wall of Morrisburg Public School. Click here to see the details

The Municipality of South Dundas is investigating supporting the continuation of the project to renew some of the other murals that have suffered weathering damage over the ten to twenty years of their life.  We took a trip around all the murals recently and took photographs to show how they are looking. See the following pics (including the ones that have been lost). We are looking for public input to determine what murals should be prioritized in an ongoing renewal plan.  If you have the interest and the time please take a look (and maybe even do the mural tour yourself).

Please send your feedback to john.gleed@gmail.com.  ASAP

Murals Already Renewed

06 House Mover Mural, Morrisburg Public School (South Wall) - (Removed in 2019 due to weather damage - Replaced in Fall 2020) - Looks Good

15 Churches of South Dundas Mural - Riverside Heights - (Renewed Spring 2020) - Looks Good

Click Here to see more information about the renewal process.

Existing Murals

 01 Morrisburg Dairy Mural - Pinkus Plaza, Morrisburg - OK?

03  Old Main St., Morrisburg - Upper Canada Playhouse - Needs work but very large, multiple surfaces - tough to tackle?

04 Old Morrisburg Mural - Giant Tiger Store (West Wall) - Needs work but very large - tough to tackle?

05 Troop Train Mural - Giant Tiger Store (East Wall) - Looks Good!

07 Memorial Mural - Iroquois Legion - OK?

10 Brinston Immigration Mural - Looks Good?

11 McIntosh Apple Mural - Dundela Community Centre - OK?

12 Dr. Locke Mural - Williamsburg - Looks Good?

13 Health Spa Mural - Winchester Springs - OK?

14 History of Agricultural Mural - Williamsburg IOOF Hall - Looks Good? Hard to find location?

Murals that had to be removed due to weather damage

02 Old Morrisburg - ValuMart Store (removed in 2014 due to weather damage) - Replace with smaller version?

08 Caldwell Mural - Iroquois Campground (removed in 2016 due to weather damage) - Replace?

09 Iroquois Point-Old Iroquois Mural (removed in 2011 due to wind damage) - Need to Replace - Does anyone have better quality photos?